3 Tips for Advertising during the Holiday Season

Laptop with christmas items

For businesses, especially those selling products, Q4 is arguably the biggest quarter of the year. If you haven’t already planned your holiday season advertising strategy, now is the time to do so! From Black Friday deals to Shop Small Saturday, even Cyber Monday, there’s a strategy out there that will benefit you during Q4.

Holiday Advertising Tips

  1. Remarketing: Target your visitors…and target wisely. Using Google Analytics allows for marketers to create custom audiences based on their behavior. This is very powerful when considering how many are likely to convert sooner rather than later. Getting your ads, messages, and products in front of the right user at the right time is key.
  2. Ad Copy: You don’t need to necessarily reinvent the wheel, if you have copy from a campaign that worked particularly well, ad a holiday touch to the text. “Shop now for a stress-free holiday season” or “Get it in time for the holidays” are perfect examples of adding a holiday twist to your already successful ad copy.
  3. Terms: The holiday season allows for adding additional terms and keywords. Much like the ad copy, you can give your keywords and terms a holiday twist. Utilizing the keyword tool can help find opportunities for conversion.

With holiday shopping well underway for many people, there’s no time to delay! If this is something you want taken off your plate, or perhaps your digital advertiser isn’t doing all that they can for you, contact our experts! We’d love to get your campaigns on the right track.