4 1/2 Reasons to Guard Against Web Form Spam!



Tired of spam web form submissions? We thought so. When hosting a form on your website, you can open the door to spam form submissions. These phony submissions often find their way to your email inbox, adding work to your day.

How does it work?

Internet spammers and scam artists often utilize robots, or SpamBots, which scour the web for unprotected web forms to submit. These robots can submit
forms over and over again, without limit, very quickly. These submissions often include links promoting fraudulent or untrustworthy websites, which
have no place on your site.

Let’s dig a little deeper. Here’s 4 1/2 reasons why you should be fighting spam on your website:

1.It’s a productivity killer. Sorting through all those non-spam emails takes
too long as it is!

2.It can hurt your rank in Google. If your forms allow posting of content to
comment sections or forums, SpamBots could be posting links to their own pages right there on your site. Google see’s these links as negative and can
adversely affect your SEO efforts.

3.It skews your site’s performance. Each time a SpamBot visits your page to
submit a form, that visit gets tracked as if it was a real person on your site. This can result in less-than-accurate reporting information about traffic
on your site, especially with repeat spammers.

4.It’s good for the Customer/User. By eliminating outdated & unsightly
features like CAPTCHA Image Verification, you can keep your forms beautiful and easy to use.

4½.It’s best practice to keep upgrading. By relying on new and relevant Anti-Spam,
it makes it much simpler to update, modify, and continue to block spam form submissions.

Now what?

Anti-spam form validation is an ever-changing operation. Techniques must be kept relevant in order to stay ahead of SpamBot technology. We’ve developed
a variety of methods that confuse and disrupt these digital robots, letting our clients avoid all those pesky emails.

Need more information and want to talk to an actual person about your options? To learn how BrawnMedia can help you with anti-spam for your website, give
us a call at 518-472-0060 or contact us here.