5 Spring Cleaning Musts to Spruce Up Your Content Marketing Campaign


Spring is making its way to your area. The sky is getting blue and the grass is turning green. It’s time to celebrate by putting away your mittens and winter coats for good.


This also time to move forward and brighten up your content marketing campaign. Several content marketing campaigns get lost in the mix of other “important” tasks. Newsflash: Content is important! It is a crucial part of your strategy, and it’s time to stop putting it off.


Plan Out Your Work

Take some time with your business or marketing staff to go over monthly goals and to-do lists for your content. This includes things like blogging and social media. Good content takes time, and you need to block out that time to commit to it. Make a calendar and have deadlines. Hubspot offers a great editorial calendar template to help businesses plan ahead.


Clear Out the Junk

Just like your closet, your website and social media accounts may have accumulated junk you don’t need anymore. Filter through your website and blog to make sure all the buttons are still working and there aren’t broken links.

Did you happen to come across duplicate social media accounts or inactive accounts? Take some time to remove the accounts. This prevents customers from getting confused when trying to reach out to you through social media.


Change the Sheets

Keep in mind, several social media sites have changed their format online. Google+ now has much larger images, Facebook is adapting to much smaller images, and Twitter adopted cover photos a few months ago. If you haven’t been keeping up with your social media accounts, they need some upgrades.


We are in a visual time period on the internet. If there are pixilated or distorted images on your website, blog or social media accounts just get rid of them. Only use high quality and relevant images to share with your audience. Poor imagery can quickly turn off a customer because they can assume you don’t care about your image.


Even if your social media sites are optimized for each of the sites’ standards, update the cover images anyway for a new and refreshed look. It will show visitors that you are consistent with the upkeep of your social media.


Listen for Feedback

This can be feedback from anything. As marketers and business owners, sometimes we get caught up in trying to get a message out that we forget to step back and listen to others. Listening can open a door to new ideas for your marketing strategy. So take some time to stop talking and listen.


Filter through your social media

accounts to see what users are saying about your industry and company. Do you have customers filling up your inbox with comments or requests? It’s time to respond to them.


Still looking for feedback? Then ask! That’s what the internet is for. Sites like Quora enable industry professionals to bounce ideas off of each other. Ask a question and get responses from users and experts. Send out posts to your social media accounts and ask for input on your company and where your customers want to see improvement.


Try Out Something New

Once you’ve done the cleaning and received the feedback, try out something new that you haven’t yet explored. Here are some new things to explore:

  • Twitter Vine videos
  • SlideShare presentations
  • Instagram


If you find that your new feature is successful, be consistent with it. Don’t let your content marketing campaign get dusty after you put all the time into making it shine.


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