6 Tips for a More Engaging Facebook Business Page


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Creating a Facebook Page is easy, but, what about creating an engaging Facebook Business Page? Many don’t realize that there’s a difference between a Facebook Page and Facebook Business Page and more work goes into it than simply adding a couple pictures and posts.

We’ve gathered a list of 6 tips to make your business’ Facebook more engaging!

  1. Create a Facebook Business Page instead of a personal profile. Facebook Business Page has a plethora of tools available that can be used to your business’ advantage. Additionally, Facebook users can simply follow a business page rather than submitting a friend request. This is an ideal situation for your fan base as it is more convenient for them to simply ‘like’ a page.
  2. Avoid publishing mishaps by controlling who has page access. Controlling access helps to ensure there are very few, or ideally no publishing slipups. These mistakes can turn into a nightmare. Additionally, anyone who has access needs to be properly trained in social media management.
  3. We know that pictures speak a thousand words, be sure you’re profile picture is saying the right words by using a recognizable picture as the profile image. A thumbnail of the image is displayed next to your posts in a user’s feed; it should be something that consumers and clients can easily recognize. While we’re on the topic of photos, the cover photo takes up a lot of area on the page, so make sure it’s eye catching, memorable and engaging!
  4. Add details about the business to the ‘About’ section with information, company milestones, even a brief history of the company. This section is one of the highest viewed sections of Facebook Business Pages. The copy should be brief while also being descriptive and encouraging the user to interact with your business.
  5. It’s time to talk about posts. What should you post and at what frequency should you post? Many national brands find success with varying their posts between brand specific and a wide range of topics. It’s worth testing the waters, especially if there is something local that your business cares about. How often should you post? This is fairly delicate; if you post too frequently users may become annoyed seeing your posts flood their newsfeed. If you don’t post very often, they may forget about your business. A page that only has a few posts each year does not help to create a positive online presence.
  6. Monitoring and responding to comments is also essential to an engaging Facebook Business Page. Many consumers turn to social media to express their opinion or gratitude. They also appreciate receiving a response from the business. Interacting with comments shows that you care, but it also helps you stay on top of the conversation surrounding the business.

These are only a few of the tips we want to share with you! Having a Facebook Business Page can truly help your business flourish. Don’t know where to get started, or need someone who can handle it all for you? Contact the professionals at Brawn Media today to get started!

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