6 Ways Your Business can Benefit from Facebook Live Videos


Video camera with Facebook Live logo

Facebook Live has been around for a while now, but, not everyone has used it to their advantage yet. Doing a Facebook Live video isn’t as scary as it sounds; you’re simply talking to your audience who are made up of people willingly following your business. It also holds numerous benefits, and, it’s free to use. So why not use it to benefit your business? Camera shy? Get your employees in on the fun!

Ideas for a Successful Facebook Live Video

  1. Promote an Upcoming Event: Do you have a giveaway or contest approaching, perhaps a grand (re)opening, whatever the case may be, doing a Facebook Live video will help boost awareness and engagement. It also gives the opportunity to answer any questions your followers may have.
  2. Engage with your Facebook Followers: Your audience interacts with your business on multiple levels; one level is your Facebook Page. They can leave a review, post a question or a comment, and even interact with each other. This gives you, or your employees, the opportunity to acknowledge the fan base your business has grown on a more personal (or human) level.
  3. Address Customer Comments: This one goes hand-in-hand with our second tip, but, more on a broad scale. For example, if you have a blog on your website with a commenting section enabled, readers may leave questions or comments. You can answer these directly, but you can also share it with your Facebook followers. They may not have seen the blog, but, could have a similar question or comment. This also creates the opportunity for more traffic to your website.
  4. Promote a New Product: If a new product is launching, or coming to your business, use this as a technique to ramp up excitement and anticipation of the new product. If you have some on hand, this is a great way to start showing off the new product and give some more details, including when you expect to have it on hand.
  5. Answer FAQs: When it comes to businesses succeeding, we’re certain you understand how important customer service is. This includes answering questions, sometimes multiple times to multiple people. Host a Facebook Live video that addresses these FAQs, during this time encourage your followers to ask you any other burning question they may have.
  6. Give an Inside Look to Your Business: Show your Facebook followers how your business works! You don’t have to give away all your inside secrets, but, this will help to further educate your consumers – you may even inspire someone to work with you! If you have a lot of team members who are “behind the scenes” you can use this as an opportunity to introduce them to your followers.

Bottom line, people are watching more and more videos and this is a great way to generate more engagement without taking money from your budget. You don’t have to use high-tech equipment, your cellphone, tablet, or computer will work!

For more tips on Facebook Live videos, and, increasing engagement with your followers, contact our team today. We’d love to help increase your brand awareness and engagement!

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