8 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Email Marketing


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As technology advances and with an increase in modes of communication, marketers ask themselves the question, “is email still relevant?” The simple answer is, yes. While there are many ways people communicate, most people still rely on daily usage of their email. Even with the rise of Snapchat, Instagram, and TikTok, there’s no medium that can replace the success of email in B2B and B2C marketing. As valuable a marketing tool that it is, many organizations still aren’t utilizing email in their marketing strategies.

In this article, we’ll walk you through eight reasons why email marketing is valuable and necessary for your business:

1. Staying in contact

Emails can keep your customers informed without the feeling that you are badgering them with information. They also can be checked whenever it’s convenient for the customer, so you won’t have to worry about strategizing to get optimal views.

Some examples of simple email themes you can write to boost your brand can be:

  1. Presenting your customer with a special offer: “Hi, you’ve been on our mind the last couple of weeks. Here’s a special offer just for you!”
  2. Keeping your customer in the loop: “It’s been a fun couple of weeks for us! Here’s an update on what’s going on at our company that you should know about.”
  3. Mentioning big or standout goals/achievements: “We’re excited to announce we hit our goal of 1,000 new online customers! Go enter to join our celebratory giveaway, where you could win a $100 gift card.”

Pro tip: There’s no exact limit on how many emails you should be sending. Keep sending out as many quality and relevant emails as you can, while closely monitoring your key performance metrics. If you start noticing a decrease in open rate or an increase in unsubscribe rate, you may want to look at reducing email frequency.

2. Enhanced Shopping Experience

According to Litmus, more than half of all emails were opened on a mobile device. This means that users can access their email anywhere they go. As more customers use their mobile devices to engage with content, making sure your email content is relevant and accessible is key. For B2C marketing, one of the best ways to maximize your email strategy is through coupons shared via email. From coupon codes to scannable in-store QR codes, there are many ways to enhance your customer’s shopping experience. Because customers love a good deal, making sure they can always access sales and coupons is a quick way to earn their loyalty.

3. Engagement

Over 25% of sales last year were attributed to email marketing. That’s a huge indicator of how email content drives customers through the purchase funnel while keeping your brand top-of-mind. Creating click-worthy content will engage your audience and drive your return on investment. But what makes content ‘click-worthy’? Irresistible subject lines, prominent and clear calls to action, and personalized copy are surefire ways to draw attention and drive quality traffic to your website.

4. Easy to Track

With most email marketing tools, you can easily track what’s working and what isn’t. The main KPIs for measuring the success of your email marketing campaigns are:

  • Delivery rates
  • Bounce rates
  • Unsubscribe rates
  • Click-through rates
  • Open rates

Measurement of these metrics is the easy part. Most email marketing platforms will automatically provide this data. The real analysis is drawing insight from these KPIs. A high click-through rate might be an indication of success. But what if that click-through rate is high for desktop users and low for mobile users? This may be a sign that the emails aren’t fully optimized for mobile.

It’s important to look beyond the metric and understand what that data means for your business. Having a 0.1% unsubscribe rate is above average. But if your business is not driving sales from your email campaigns, that strong unsubscribe rate is meaningless for your business. Try to avoid strictly benchmarking your KPIs and instead, analyze how your email campaigns measure up against your additional marketing channels and, ultimately, your bottom line.

5. It’s affordable

Attracting quality and affordable leads is the foundational objective for most B2B marketing strategies. Year-over-year, email marketing has proven its effectiveness with an average cost-per-lead of $53, according to Visitor Queue. In comparison, traditional channels and SEM are more of an investment with cost-per-leads of $619 and $110, respectively.

It’s also easy to find marketing agencies or companies willing to oversee your email within your budget and timeframe. Brawn Media is a great example of a professional agency ready to help you boost your engagement and reach.

6. Allows for targeted messaging

Based on where a potential customer is in the buying cycle, they may need different pieces of information or even different marketing styles; pushing the right content can do just that. With targeted marketing, you’re able to get information to customers based on where they’re at and what they need. For example, if your customer is at the top of the funnel, they’ll want blog posts, infographics, or events that allow them to get to know your brand. However, lower of the funnel customers will want more in-depth articles that directly solve their problems.

If you’re working with a professional company like Brawn Media, you’ll feel rest assured knowing we’re driving your analytics and data to help capture your specific market.

7. Timely Sales

When done correctly, email marketing can be a fantastic way to drive sales. So, instead of sending a list of sales items, a few effective strategies you could try are:

  1. Sending customers a special birthday offer
  2. Telling customers something they are interested in is currently half off
  3. Creating and utilizing your resource center to send timely articles

By taking advantage of any information you have at your disposal, you can add a personal touch to all your sales efforts. This is where marketing automation comes in!

Using customer data from a properly configured CRM, automated drip emails can be sent to customers who haven’t purchased in a while, or when an item they previously purchased is on sale. You can also use automation to create nurture email strategies that lead your customers through the purchasing funnel. While it’s difficult to figure out the right automation email strategy (let alone create it), Brawn Media is here to help. We can help you design and implement your entire marketing automation.

8. Popularity

With over 3.8 billion email accounts around the word, it’s estimated that half of the global population uses email — and it’s still growing at a rapid rate! From work to personal emails, there are so many ways email is embedded in our daily processes. So, before you go looking into other marketing opportunities, this should tell you how great of an opportunity it is to tap into email marketing and start creating effective campaigns.

Want to Boost Your Brand’s Reach & Engagement Without the Hassel: Contact Brawn Media!

Having a solid and efficient marketing strategy can make or break your business. That’s why the professional marketing team at Brawn Media can effectively create, establish, and sustain your business’s email marketing. We’ll work with you to create new strategies that make sense for your business.

Contact the best in the email marketing business: Contact Brawn Media. Let’s get started on building or growing your existing email marketing strategy today!

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