A Look Inside Faceook’s New Advertising Features


Facebook lets you keep in touch with friends, see what’s going on in the world, share your favorite pictures, and so much more. Did you know that it has
grown into an incredibly powerful tool for advertising professionals too? The team at Brawn Media has put together a guide covering the new Facebook
advertising features to help your business grow!


This kind of advertisement allows you to bring a digital shopping experience directly to the consumer’s screen. They can scan through a variety of offers
from your company, and choose the one they want the most.

Imagine if you owned a computer store and you were running specials on laptops. You could give an interested consumer all of your latest offers. They could
swipe or scroll through your advertisement and click on the one that they liked the best.


Facebook’s now gives you the ability to include click to call in your advertisements. For example, if a mobile user sees your restaurant and wants to order
food, or maybe make a reservation, all they have to do is click your phone number rather than dialing it in. Simply put, ease of use means more customers.


Imagine if you were a DJ or a caterer, and you could get your advertisement right in front of people within minutes of announcing their wedding engagement.
Facebook has made that a reality with life event targeting. You can now meet the consumer at the most relevant time possible, the very second they
are going to need the products and/or services you offer.


Facebook is just as powerful for advertising as it is for keeping in touch with friends and loved ones. It offers you state-of-the-art digital marketing
features with the precision that marketers have always wanted. If you’re interested in learning more, set up your free consultation with Brawn Media
by calling us at P: 518.472.0060 or by visiting us online. We’ll be happy to help you create a Facebook marketing strategy that brings you more customers!

Written by James Novak, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Specialist; Dylan Youngs, Digital Media Supervisor; Alexis Fazio, Digital Media Specialist; and Evan Almindo, Digital Media Coordinator at Brawn Media. Learn more about them and the rest of our team here!