A Simple Way That You Can Build Easy Links


link building tips

Yes, SEO is always changing. And no, SEO is not dead. And no, neither is link building. We all still need links to help us rank better in the search results that we oh so want to be found in.

If you’re a client of ours and we’re building links for you, leave that hard part to us, but know that there are a couple of things that you can do on your end to help the overall rank cause: build dead simple links. Here are two tactics you can knock out on a Sunday afternoon:

1. Industry Glossary:

If your industry has a lot of jargon being tossed around, especially if it often confuses your customers – create a list of the top 10 frequently used phrases and define them in a way that the lay-person can understand. Post these as a blog post and then scoot around the Internet and let people know where to find it. But where?

You can go to Quora and find people asking questions about your industry. Be the resource!

You can search Twitter for people talking about your industry/services and tweet to them your glossary link!

Do you have an email list? Go ahead and shout to the world via email marketing that you have a new resource up.

Any of the above will be super helpful in getting your content read and linked to.

2. Speak Locally/Regionally

Offer your services as a professional willing to speak to students at high schools and colleges about what you do and how you handle the business end of things. The more of these you do, the more links you’re going to get from school websites (.edu sites – and these are super powerful links, so you don’t need to do tons, think quality trumps quantity).

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