As a Business on Facebook, Get Ready to Pay to Play in 2015

Everyone loves to ask us, what’s next online? What should I expect? What are the new trends? Here’s one that you might not be happy about from the start, but we’re already seeing awesome results for clients who are employing this tactic:

In 2015, Facebook will become more focused on advertising for businesses by squeezing their regular business posts out of the general public’s wall feeds. In other words, organic brand interactions with brand posts on Facebook are squeezed into only .073 percent.

What does this mean?

It means strategic, paid marketing by brands on Facebook are pretty much the best way to reach your audience in the most meaningful way (think conversions). As Facebook’s advertising platform continues to grow with regard to sophistication and hyper-focused reach, businesses are garnering better results than by simply posting organically.

So while finding success on Facebook in 2015 will come with an increased budget, the aim is to bring bigger and better returns than in years past.

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