Backlinks to Your Website: Good for Business or Toxic Poison?


In Greek mythology, Icarus was the son of a craftsman. The father constructs wings from feathers and wax so they can both escape from Crete. The craftsman warns that Icarus shouldn’t fly too low because the damp air would clog the wings, whereas flying too high would cause the heat of the sun to melt the wax.

The point is, when is comes to your website’s backlinks, they need to be in a healthy balance with Google’s Quality Guidelines. Their quality can’t be too low, nor can you have too high of a count of what seem to be unnatural links.

It’s Not Your Fault (Usually)

It’s not even the fault of your SEO company (usually). What seems to be happening now is that instead of low-value links offering a little in return with regard to ranking power, Google is counting them against you. A quick peek through the Internet Marketing blogs and you’ll see tons of penalties being handed out to businesses large and small.

Link Removal is the New Link Building

First, although this is an SEO ‘tip’, the tip here is to realize two things:

• Link Removal should be done by professionals who are experienced in removing links and in presenting a case to Google to reinstate websites after a penalty.

• No website owner should wait until a penalty is handed out to start auditing backlinks and removing only those that are dangerous to have.

Backlinks are still important to your SEO. Don’t believe the hype surrounding ‘link building is dead’. In addition to building quality links, those that are now recently defined as toxic by Google need to be removed before a penalty strikes…or they might just melt the wax on the wings of your website. Don’t be the Icarus of the Internet.

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