Being Number One: What Football Can Teach You About Your Website


The brisk mornings and cool afternoons are not only a sign of autumn, but it’s also a sign football season is here. Local grocery stores are stocked with tailgating food for the eager sports fans. This hype is an American tradition. Each one of these fans is hoping their team ends the season at number one. From a marketing perspective, being number one is not only crucial in football, but it applies to websites too.


Every website owner wants their business easily found on Google. Ultimately, it would require the website to rank number one in the Google search listings. This is where football and websites run hand-in-hand. It’s incredibly competitive on the web and on the field and only the best wind up on top. So what’s the secret to being number one?

Be ready for the game to change

Every team has a different tactic. While your strategy may have worked for a previous competitor, it’s time to adjust to the way they play the game.


Don’t get sacked because you haven’t changed your strategy. The rules of internet marketing are constantly changing. Tactics that worked a few years ago (even days ago) may wind up getting you penalized. Keep an eye out for new trends to stay ahead of the game. Content is constantly stressed as being key to internet success (hint, hint). I’m assuming you want conversions and you want to rank. So if you’re currently using content as a bench warmer, it’s time to give it a bigger role.

Learn from your mistakes

Your team just got a penalty for a false start. It’s ok, it was only a 5 yard penalty and there’s plenty of time to recover. It was a careless mistake, but learn from it and move forward.

The same thing goes for your website. You can get penalties from Google. It’s not the end of the world, but you can’t recover if you don’t learn from your mistakes. It may have set you back a few steps, but go through your marketing strategy and follow up with new rules of Google Penguin. Consistently staying up-to-date with SEO trends will benefit your website in the long run and prevent future penalties.

Good things happen with time

So your team has a lot of rookies. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, but while these players are new they will not evolve into champions just overnight. It will take time and effort to build up their skills. Remember, good things happen with time.


Yes, this applies to your website too. You have a brand new website, and you don’t rank. It’s not a bad thing, but you need to work. Cheating your way to the top of Google’s results may work temporarily, but in the end you will be back at the bottom of Google’s search results. Internet marketing strategies are not short-term. They are long-term and it will pay off in the end.


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