Bill Lake Modular Homes – Strengthened by Brawn Media


We’re proud to unveil a new website that transforms the brand strength of Bill Lake Homes from zero to hero. We took this aging website and gave it a makeover
while optimizing ease of use for customers. At Brawn Media, we’re always looking for new and innovative ways to improve web content for our clients.
Continue reading to learn more about this website transformation.


The Original

The original Bill Lake Homes website had low visual impact, was difficult to navigate, and became frustrating to use. Its colorless, gray tone overpowered
everything else on the page, while a sea of links left users stranded without an adequate navigation structure. Link issues persisted throughout the
site causing headaches when trying to compare homes or simply find a specific page. 

Brawn Media creates websites on a powerful Content Management System (CMS), which allows our clients to easily edit the content on their own site. This
feature is increasingly helpful for clients like Bill Lake Homes, who need easy access to add or edit the ever-changing content on their site.


Modern Design

Organization was the name of the game when redesigning the Bill Lake Homes site. A modern navigation bar – or two – became a huge space saver that allows
large format photos to take center stage. We removed the color gray from its primary role and allowed blues to shine brightly from a crisp white background.


Ease of Use

We eliminated link confusion by separating the pages on the site into two distinct sections. 

The Homes navigation gives users access to the home model search portion of the site. Users can easily browse over 400 homes built by
Bill Lake Homes. By listing each home type individually, we’ve made it easier and faster for customers to find what they’re looking for! 

The Information navigation compiles the rich content pages of the site into a simple top menu. Users can find information relating to
homes, design ideas, resources, and contact info, all from this multi-use navigation.


Home Finder

Browsing home styles is the top behavior on this site. To make that task a little easier, we’ve come up with a custom home search feature to display every
home produced by Bill Lake Homes. We’ve given potential customers a visual interface that relies on filters to narrow down results based on home type,
number of baths, and number of beds. Streamlining this process means that homebuyers will arrive at their dream home much faster than before. 

If you’re looking for additional information on a home, each home has a dedicated page where you can find elevations, floor plans, custom ideas, and more! 



The World of Mobile

We live in a world increasingly dominated by mobile phones. More and more people browse from their phones each year and taking advantage of this is critical
to online success. Upgrading your website to play nice with phone-based browsers is a must. Bill Lake Homes chose to upgrade their site using responsive
techniques that allow their site to adapt to any size screen. 

Upgrading can have the effect of telling your customers you care about them. A website is an online business card that people use to make a decision about
you our your product. Giving them the best possible experience is your best bet to keep them coming back.



We Strengthened Their Brand

By creating a new look and feel for this client, we helped to strengthen their brand. People who visit their site will have a more positive experience
than before, and have more confidence in Bill Lake Homes. Do you want your brand to be just as strong as theirs? Call us at 518.472.0060 to get started. 


Written by BrawnMedia. Learn about our team here!