Brawn Guard – We Protect Businesses


Brawn Guard – We Protect Businesses

How well your company is represented across social media, search engines, and directories is vital. Brawn Guard can help you monitor contact information and reviews across the web, making it easier for you to get new customers. You might be asking, “What’s in it for me?” This blog post is going to tell you exactly what makes this service of ours so great.

We Protect Your Reputation

Brawn Guard helps protect your business by letting you know when reviews have been posted across the web. What people are saying about you on sites
like Yelp, Urban Spoon, Facebook, and elsewhere matters! This tool will help you learn where you can create a dialogue with customers, and get
the opportunity to turn a less-than-satisfactory review into a four or five star rated post.

We Protect Your Presentation

One of the other main reasons Brawn Media offers Brawn Guard is that it protects how you’re presented across the Internet. What does this mean, exactly?
It means that our software will make sure that all phone numbers, e-mail addresses, and many other types of important pieces of information are
represented accurately, no matter where on the web you look!

We Protect Your Performance

We’re as strong of a proponent of using social media as the most competitive marketing agencies, but we go the extra mile with Brawn Guard! We allow
you to see who your posts, tweets, and comments are reaching. This gives you more data to work with, and in turn get new opportunities to reach
potential customers.

We Strengthen Your Brand

The best thing of all is that Brawn Guard lives up to our company’s motto, “We Strengthen Your Brand.” Your name is your most important asset in the
business world, and we offer Brawn Guard as a service because we want your business to reach its full potential! Do you want better results? Call
us today at 518-472-0060 or contact us online.