BrawnMedia Knows Best When It Comes to Social Media – What New Social Media Platforms are Best for Your Business

By: Taylour Lynn Scanlin
Communication Specialist at BrawnMedia

Social Media platforms can create brand awareness, drive web traffic, engage with customers, and establish credibility. Today there are thousands of social networking sites on the web.  They range from specific industry and interest related sites to broader types of networks.  Choosing your social media platform to benefit your business can be daunting, especially with more and more social media networks popping up, which makes managing all your profiles a challenge. However, it’s so important to understand what sites are right for you & your organization that speak to directly your target audience. Selecting the right sites (not all of them) that work with your industry, while crafting relevant messaging and content will be a better investment of your time. Below is a list of some of the newer sites available. Take a look to see if they’re applicable to your business:


•    Allows users to organize their favorite images from the web, social media sites, and other Pinterest user boards.
•    Site promotes the sharing of photos, illustrations, infographics, and imagery.
•    Users have the ability to “pin,” images to a board they create in order organize their images.
•    Who should be using this?  Fashion industry, real estate agents, restaurants, cake makers, furniture designers, travel agents, retailers; anyone who uses pictures to sell their product or services should be on Pinterest!
•    Stats: Users – 20% male and 80% female. Ages – 25% in the 25-34, 25% in the 35-44, and 25% between the 45-54.

•    An app that allows customers to “check in,” when they visit a business or event.
•     More “check ins,” to a certain location, “badges” are awarded allowing the user to receive  a deal or two.
•    Geo-location service type social media platform.  It’s the method of determining the geo-location of a user from the web to your site and delivering specific content to them based on their location.
•    Businesses can monitor who is checking in at their facility(s), as well as have the ability to offer special promotions or advertise to those nearby utilizing this geo-location technology.
•    Who should be using this?: Any business with a physical location. It is important for businesses to “claim,” their business on Foursquare.  Retailers, restaurants, companies that can offer sales, discounts, promotions to their customers should be on FourSquare
•    Stats:  Users – 65% female and 35% male. Ages – 35-44 at 30%.



•    MySpace will be debuting as the “New MySpace”.
•    Strictly for music artists, producers, and anyone involved in the music industry.
•    Allows the promotion of bands, singers, writers, music brands, producers.
•    Who should be using this?: Musicians, music producers, DJs, mostly the music industry.
•    Stats: Users – 40% male and 60% female make up the old MySpace.  New data to come upon debut.



•    Google Plus is probably the most important social media network for any business.
•    Since it’s owned by Google, having a profile on the site allows businesses and their website to potentially rank higher on the search engine giant.
•    Allows profile user to create different groupings of followers and develop separate marketing strategies for each.
•    Google+ has about 90 million unique visitors.
•    Who should be using this?: All businesses need to be a part of the Google+ world because it’s owned by the largest search engine on the web. This will increase your odds of being found online.
•    Stats: Users – 70% of men and 30% of women use Google+.  Ages – 18-24 year olds make up 50% of users.

Remember BrawnMedia is always here if you’re in need of assistance or guidance with a social media campaign, please visit for more information. We can help determine which social media sites are best for you while delivering quality content that will ultimately help your business grow.

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