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Build Your Brand in the 21st Century with These 5 Tips

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The goal is for your business to succeed, correct? You have a product and a team in place, now it’s time to take a step back and look at your overall advertising strategy and branding efforts. In the 21st century a weak or muddled branding strategy could lead to the demise of your business.

  1. Brand Identity Driven by Purpose: Many businesses and organizations spend months attempting to come up with a mission statement. More often than not, it is a garbled message leaving the target audience scratching their heads and moving on to a competitor. Our mission statement, for example, is “We Build Your Brand.” Four short words, yet they hold so much weight and power. Additionally, the statement is crystal clear. What do we do? We build your brand.A clear and concise statement creates coherence for your employees as well as your target audience. This is essential because it can inspire your employees,giving them a sense of drive and purpose. An effectively crafted statement will be the driving force behind your work, decisions, and many other imperative matters.
  2. Define and Implement Your Brand Voice: This is the tone and overall style of an organization’s communications and projects. Ideally,this will reflect the personality and positioning you are trying to portray across all communications platforms.With the voice being spread across multiple platforms, it can often become inconsistent and unclear. One such example is your company’s digital efforts. With an increase need for immediate information and responses, many companies feel the need to spread a message quickly with minimal thought or effort put in. The internet is always growing and expanding and the immediate demand is growingly apparent, but, that doesn’t mean your efforts and consistency should waver.
  3. Culture and Strategy as a Perfect Union: You may have heard that you need to decide between culture and strategy, questioning which is more important to you or your company. Why decided between the two? Shouldn’t they live in a coherent union?The idea of a perfect union is possible if you give your team the proper tools to work with. They have the ability to become powerful brand ambassadors for the organization if your culture and strategy are cohesive and authentic. For this to happen an atmosphere needs to be built where your actions speak louder than words.
  4. Impact: Something that is of the utmost importance to any organization or company is how much of an impact are you making and how it factors into your ROI. Your return on investment is a conventional measure of impact which can often equate to measuring tangible outcomes.Various metrics can be used to gauge the effectiveness of the campaign and your brand. Measurements of awareness, familiarity, and reputation can all be measured from a comprehensive campaign. To increase these elements it is imperative to ensure your organization’s branding efforts are clear and consistent throughout the campaign.
  5. Clarity: As we already know, the internet is only getting bigger and opening more outlets and podiums for consumers and employees to voice their opinion. The good, the bad, the ugly, are all out there for the masses to consume. With everything else, this needs to be embraced.

Moving towards a transparent, while remaining authentic, identity bodes well for companies and organizations. Clarity in experience, purpose, and expression makes it easier for consumers to identify with a company. Those that do not practice this method and fail to practice what they preach are setting themselves up for failure.

While this was a tremendous amount to take in, there are more pieces to the successful brand puzzle. It can feel overwhelming, especially when you are not familiar with these processes and standards, which is why we have a team equipped to help build your brand. To hear how we can do this and so much more, contact Brawn Media today!