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Why Google’s Updated API & Billing Structure Should Matter To You

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Well, it was good while it lasted. Google’s recent changes to its Maps API products might shock you – and your wallet. The search engine giant has restructured and repriced their Google Platform APIs, raising its prices over 1,400%. Google Maps Platform A few weeks ago, Google rolled out significant changes requiring customers to pay […]

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Switch Your M-Dot Domain to Responsive Before Mobile-First Index Wave

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Today, users are relying more on their mobile device for their online activity and relying less on their computers. With this is mind, the reasoning behind the mobile-first indexing becomes clearer. What does this mean for you, your business, and website? With technology advancements and more mobile users, Google has released a number of updates […]

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Google Chrome SSL Certificate Update: What it Means for Your Website

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Google has been discussing an impending update which will mark websites containing forms as “Not Secure”, unless they have a SSL certificate (HTTP vs HTTPS). When a consumer attempts to view your website, they will be served with a warning in the address bar which will say “Not Secure” before your URL. This creates significant […]

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What Google AMP Pages Could Mean for Your Brand

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Google Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is great for businesses looking to improve the user experience on their websites. By stripping out any unnecessary HTML, AMP allows content to be loaded almost instantly across all platforms. With the increased page and load speeds, this allows websites to give the user a smoother and more engaging experience, […]

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