Creating Successful Visual Digital Advertising Campaigns


In the world we live in today, 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual. That is why it is so important for advertising to stand out and grab
your attention. The question is: What makes an ad visually appealing enough to do that?


  • Balance – Use symmetry and asymmetry to give stability to your advertisements. A balanced composition feels right. Avoid
    clutter: while you want multiple elements to draw the eye, make sure they aren’t fighting.
  • Contrast ­– Visual distinction between the background and text is important. This
    is done through coordinated color combinations. However, you should be weary that colors can set certain emotional and psychological tones in marketing. 

    TIP:  For images that do not provide enough contrast with the text, use a
    slightly transparent color over the image to separate it from the text.

  • Typography – Like colors, keep it limited when choosing which font to use in your ads. Try and stick to no more than two fonts, and
    make sure they are always legible. Keep hierarchy of elements in mind not only with the text in an advertisement but also with images
    and graphics.
  • Quality – We’ll make it clear for you, having high-resolution images in your design is crucial. We live in a high-def, visual
    world and pixelated or fuzzy images will be missed much more frequently.
  • Consistency – It is important to use the same imagery, colors, and fonts from ad to ad within a campaign. Advertising campaigns can
    run in many shapes and sizes, and a consistent look and feel shows intentionality, which in turn shows intelligence.


The purpose of good visual design is to effectively communicate a message.” – Dustin Stout, SMX

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Written by Colleen Sweeney, Graphic Designer at Brawn Media. Learn more about her and the rest of our team here!