Don’t Just Pitch About It- Start A Conversation!


Marketing is all about getting a message through to your desired consumer. The way consumers receive and process messages is more conversational than ever. As a consumer, we seek to engage with our brands these days. This means they want more than a pitch… consumers want a two sided conversation. They want to be a part of your branding.

The Marketing Mix – Traditional & Online

Traditionally when we think about the marketing mix we think of television, radio and billboards. All of these marketing formats allow marketers to pitch
or push their brand or promotions. While traditional media outlets like these still play vital roles in any overall marketing strategy, the internet
has changed the landscape and demands. As consumers we not only pitch through traditional, but online as well. Consumers are pulling information more
so than ever. To satisfy the demand of all of the pulling, search engine marketing and optimization have been developed and grow increasingly more
important for brands to add to their marketing mix. You need to be found online when someone goes searching for what you do. This pull marketing also
requires pitching – but in a more defined way.


Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing allow marketers to pitch to more niche consumers. Unlike traditional media outlets pitching to the
masses, these avenues allow you to reach people looking for specific items, types of companies and brands based on specific search terms. This allows
marketers to fine tune their message based on search criteria, making their “pitches” to that much more of a defined audience. So now you’re probably
asking what about social media at this point and how about that two sided conversation you were talking about.

Social Media

Social media is the game changer. This is where the consumer wants to engage and be a part of your branding… and let’s be honest, they have a strong
impact on it too! The new age referral is done online just as often if not more often as in person. This is becoming ever so evident with social media
trends like sharing on Facebook, hash tagging on Twitter and checking in or tagging handles on Instagram. Your consumers desperately want their opinions
heard and to be trend setters. The more you engage with them as a brand, the more likely they are to engage with others about your brand. This doesn’t
mean constantly pitching to them, but giving them platforms to have their concerns addressed and their testimonies heard and the space to have conversations
about your brand. After all, they are consuming and at the end of the day advocating your brand/business.


Written by Jennifer Miller, Account Executive at Brawn Media.