Don’t Think That Content Matters? Think Again!


Owning and operating a business and having a website now goes hand in hand. You have to have a good website because a majority of people are now finding you online. Now you’re going to have to have good content if you want them to continue to find you online.

According to a new report, Google is working on a new system that would determine how your page ranks by the “trustworthiness” of it. That means your site is going to need to provide some facts, rather than just information about your company. This is a big change from the old way of ranking where the number of backlinks was crucial. Now, it’s going to come down to the information you’re sending out to your audience.

Now don’t freak out if your site isn’t necessarily a place where people come for “facts” – so to speak. This new system isn’t going to totally replace the old system of ranking based on backlinks, but more supplement that ranking with new figures.

The new system will be based on Google’s Knowledge Vault. This contains over 2 million facts from the internet. What’s in that vault is usually the determining factor for what appears on the right hand side of a Google search for you.

Still, there is a bit of concern with the knowledge based system. What if you’re a site that provides information on new technology? Perhaps that information that you’re talking about isn’t in Google’s vault yet, so will it hurt you?

Right now this knowledge system is only in testing, but it’s your best bet to beef up your content now, rather than later.