Facebook Adds @Facebook.Com Email Address To Your Facebook Profile

Facebook has quietly changed your default email address on your Profile page to an @Facebook.com email address. This new change is only for Profile pages and do not affect Business pages. To view this change, visit your Account Settings section. Facebook is now automatically posting these email addresses to Facebook profiles and displaying them as the default email address. The new addition by Facebook may be in part of the social media giant rolling out a new email service.

If you prefer to have your personal email address show as your primary email address, you may change your settings to reflect your primary email address as the default email for others to contact you by following these simple steps:

1.    Edit the “Contact Info” section of your profile under the About tab
2.    You have two options for any email addresses associated with your Facebook profile: “Shown on Timeline” or “Hidden from Timeline.” By default, Facebook set your @Facebook.com address to be “Shown on Timeline”, therefore hiding your other email addresses associated with your account.
3.    To change that, switch your @Facebook.com email address to be “hidden from Timeline,” and set a different email to be “shown on Timeline.”

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