Facebook Brings the Explore Feed to an End


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During its most recent algorithm update where Facebook has decided to put friends and family interactions first, they also decided to test a new feature – Explore Feed. While it was only tested in select countries, the feedback they received was not good.

Facebook Explore Feed Comes To An End

Since its early days in 2004, Facebook has always strived to create the best experience for each user. Changes such as News Feed updates, length of status posts, likes and reactions, to GIFs have all been well received. But, like any change, they were all tested before they were made available to every user. In October they began testing Explore Feed; this feature was created based on the feedback that was received by users who said they wanted to see more from their family and friends in their News Feed.

According to the Facebook Newsroom “The idea was to create a version of Facebook with two different News Feeds: one as a dedicated place with posts from friends and family and another as a dedicated place for posts from Pages.” Throughout the duration of the test, users were given surveys in order to submit feedback of their Explore Feed experience. The answers they received indicated that users do not want two separate feeds and that they were less satisfied with the posts they were seeing. They also felt that two separate feeds did not help them connect more with friends and family. “We concluded that Explore isn’t an effective way for people to discover new content on Facebook.” While there is no guarantee, this could indicate a new algorithm update down the road.

Much like the initial update for the new algorithm, we encourage you to stay the course and not make drastic changes to your current Facebook strategy. Keep in mind, posting regularly creates positive SEO signals for your brand in addition to engaging with your audience. It is equally important to have a team of experts on your side to help navigate trends and changes and to handle your marketing efforts. Contact Brawn Media today to discuss your company’s advertising strategy.

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