Facebook has Entered the Job Market



Facebook is a heavy hitter in the social networking category. Millions of people use it every day to stay in touch with friends and family. To date, people
use the network to create and build relationships, not job searching. That is all going to change with Facebook’s newest feature.


Facebook has launched a new job listings feature to its preexisting Facebook Business section. Businesses are now able to post a job on their own Facebook
page in addition to the new jobs page. Interested applicants can click the “apply now” button and submit their resume through Facebook messenger. This
first message will display the applicant’s name and picture, which is pulled from their Facebook page.


This new tool put Facebook on the same playing field with companies such as LinkedIn, Monster, Indeed and many more. They have honed in on people who may
not necessarily be looking for a new job, but, it puts your job in front of them creating awareness and intrigue. Employers are able to create job
posts for free, but boosted posts through targeted campaigns will have fees associated with them. Facebook has a certain casual approach which is unlike
the professional nature of websites such as LinkedIn.


This feature is currently free for U.S. and Canadian business pages. Their target demographic for the new feature is small businesses, which employs a
large amount of the U.S. population. In the future Facebook hopes to earn revenue off of this feature. They will give companies the option to pay for
their job postings to appear as ads and reach a larger demographic. This efficient and social process to apply for jobs is giving applicants the opportunity
to apply for jobs they did not even know were available.


This new feature is very exciting and is something businesses should start playing with. Your post may pique the interest of your future employee!