Facebook Wants Your Customer Service to Improve


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Over the past few months Facebook has been going through an overhaul of their platform, the way we interact with it, and how businesses are potentially viewed. Their latest endeavor has to do with your customer service; they want to help you improve it. So, how are they going to do this and what will it mean for your brand?

Facebook’s Leave Feedback Tool

As we know, bad or inadequate experiences with businesses aren’t good for anyone, especially in the realm of social media and online reviews. Recently launched, Facebook’s “Leave Feedback” tool will allow customers who have clicked on your ad to rate their experience and give brief explanation of their feedback. The feedback that is gathered will allow Facebook determine the quality of products, services, customer service and if consumer expectations are being met. Furthermore, if a consumer makes a purchase through an ad on Facebook, they will receive a notification to rate how satisfied they were with the purchase or overall experience.

Ads Activity Tab

The new tool can be found in the Ads Activity tab, once the tab is open, consumers can view the ads they have recently clicked. The “Leave Feedback” dropdown button will prompt a brief questionnaire asking the user to rate their experience.

As consumers leave feedback, the business will be notified, however they will not be given specific information about the consumer. Brands that receive a high volume of negative feedback could face repercussions and strict guidelines set in place in order to continue running ads on the platform. Those who do not follow the guidelines could potentially see a decrease in opportunity to run ads on the platform.

With this in mind, it could create a positive opportunity for your brand. Businesses rely on consumers whether they are new or ones that have made previous purchases. If you receive feedback which consistently points out the same error or issue, take this as an opportunity to learn and to grow. Use this new tool from Facebook as an advantage for your brand!

Not sure where to go from here or how to handle the feedback? Let us know! Our experts are ready to develop a strategy that will benefit your Facebook ads as well as increasing the perception of your brand.

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