February Tip: Design, Content, Devices, and SEO




By now, we should all be familiar with SEO and what it aims to do – drive targeted visitors to your website. But just getting people there doesn’t guarantee the conversion. SEO won’t sell an average or even a bad experience.

Let’s look at an average transactional (looking to make a purchase) search behavior:

Man is sitting in the store waiting for his wife to buy a new purse. While waiting, he realizes he needs a new briefcase. On his mobile phone, he searches, finds something interesting in the results, clicks to it, and then abandons the process. Later he continues his search on his tablet, finds a nearby store. That weekend, he goes to the store to take a look at the briefcase and decides to do a price check from his phone to see if he can get it cheaper elsewhere, he finds a discount online. A couple days later he makes the purchase from his laptop at home.

What is the most important lesson to learn here?

If your website is not meeting the immediate needs of the visitor, you risk losing that customer to your competition. That means design and content have to be aligned for the conversion, leaving little room for question, from the start. Don’t expect your visitors to do some comparison shopping and hope they come back. That has rarely been a workable marketing strategy for any business.

Next lesson: Make sure your site is easily accessible and renders well for mobile devices.

Sum it up: Your design, content, device-readiness, and optimization have to be working in conjunction with each other or you’ll be at a much higher risk for abandoned conversions. No one wants that, do they?