Five More Cool Things You Need to See on the Web


In June, I wrote a blog post “Five Cool Things You Need To See On The Web”.
Since then, I’ve come across a lot of truly outstanding content on the web. If you’re bored at home and want to take up a new hobby, have a few laughs,
or even binge watch another addictive show, this blog post is going to help!

Damages – Your Next Netflix Addiction
This isn’t by any means a new TV show, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth checking out. Netflix recommended it to me weeks ago, and I got hooked. Imagine
the TV show House of Cards, but it took place in the legal arena, and that is exactly what you have with Damages. Glenn Close gives her best performance
ever in this show. If you have a subscription, I recommend watching it right away.
Man Flow Yoga – Amazing At-Home Workouts
I’ve always wanted to give Yoga a try, and in the course of searching YouTube, I found Man Flow Yoga. The instructor, Dean Pohlman is incredibly talented.
My lifts at the gym have gone up substantially since I started doing his videos, I’ve lost weight, and I’m able to do a couple of pretty crazy poses
too. If you like gymnastics, or just like out of the box fitness routines, trying out his videos are a must!
Bloom County – A Classic Comic Strip Returns
Bill the Cat, Opus the Penguin, Milo Bloom, Steve Dallas, and all of the other crazy characters from this beloved 80s comic strip are back in action and
on the web instead of a newspaper. You’ll have more than a few good laughs when you see the latest comic strips on Facebook.
Sandi Masori Balloons – Creating Incredible Balloon Art
If you have a knack for being creative, or just love throwing legendary parties, be sure to take a look at Sandi Masori’s Youtube Page. She is incredibly talented and has a lot that you can learn
from. You can learn how to make all sorts of things with balloons including hats, animals, palm trees, and so much more.
Back in Time – The Ultimate Back to the Future Documentary
Back To The Future is one of the most popular science fiction franchises of all time. In this documentary, you can learn about its incredible backstory.
You can learn about how a big chunk of the film was shot with an actor other than Michael J. Fox, or how Ford offered a huge sum of money to have Doc
Brown drive a Mustang instead of a DeLorean. Check it out on Netflix while it’s still available!