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Five Ways Social Media Can Affect Your Business

In this day and age, social media plays such a monumental role in technology, business technology in particular. Many times, a negative connotation is placed on the term we are now so familiar with, “social media.” Especially in the workplace, more often than not, social media is thought of as a distraction, hindering employee productivity. What people fail to acknowledge is how crucial the extremely successful social media networks have been in improving business communication throughout the world.

What we at Brawn Media want to emphasize is how social media not only improves communication within a business, but how it can affect your business overall.

5 Different Ways Social Media Can Affect Your Business

Most Americans spend a majority of their time online on social networks and blog sites

4 out of 5 Americans that are active internet users visit various social networks and blog sites. To put this into perspective, there are approximately 3x more Americans checking social media and blog sites than they are checking their email regularly. That is to say, a huge number of Americans are looking to engage on the internet via social media and blogs! Second, some of the most successful businesses produce blog posts. Not only are blog posts positive communication for the business, but also great for search optimization.

75% of active online social networkers shop online

In order for any business to be successful, you must advertise and market your brand/product where your clients are looking and shopping. Today, that is online by internet users. A majority of adults are spending their time online visiting social networking sites, blogs, and shopping online.

More than half of individuals active in social networking follow a brand

Social Media networks such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are perfect platforms to emphasize to consumers and clients your business’ brand. The people who are likely to purchase your product will be checking on those networks to research your company’s brand to see if it’s something they would be interested in purchasing or investing money in.

88% of consumers trust product reviews by their peers

Many internet users today read reviews of products from various other customers before purchasing a product. This means customer satisfaction is monumental for businesses. It’s crucial that customers feel that your business is listening and communicating with them and that you are attentive and concerned with each individual.

The number of mobile Internet users is up 55% from last year

If your business’s website is not optimized for mobile, you are not setting yourself up to be as successful as possible. Each year, the number of mobile internet users increases. It’s important for your site to be mobile-friendly, so customers can access your website no matter where they are, or what type of medium they are reaching it from. Two in every five social media users are accessing the various platforms through their mobile device.

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