Get More Advertising Without Investing More Money!




Did you know some manufacturers and suppliers provide cooperative funds for advertising their products? This is known as cooperative advertising, or a co-op. According to, a co-op is an “agreement between a manufacturer and a member of the distribution chain under which the manufacturer shares a certain percentage of the member’s advertising and promotion costs, or contributes a fixed sum.”

Co-op advertising is a common occurrence with mattress brands. For example, some furniture stores frequently broadcast advertisements about Sealy Mattresses. It’s possible those furniture stores are receiving a percentage of the advertising budget that is used to promote Sealy Mattresses. These percentages are based on a set of guidelines that are developed by the manufacturer. The guidelines differ between manufacturers. It’s important to research the specific requirements, so your company can receive the co-op funds.

Co-op advertising can significantly increase your brand’s awareness and drive sales without raising your advertising budget. To find out if you have products eligible for co-op funds, contact BrawnMedia at 518-472-0060.