Get Tweetin’ For Business!


Social Media Not Important To Your Business? Think Again..

Get Tweetin’ for Business – Part I

Social Media Marketing is one of the most essential inbound marketing tools for a business. So you’re on Facebook – great start, but are you missing out on other popular social media sites?


Lets chat about Twitter. Did you know that Twitter has over 200 million users? 100 million of those users are active on the Social Media site. So what is Twitter and how can it improve a business’ marketing efforts? Twitter is:

•    A social networking site and communication tool to interact with
     the community
•    For all people, businesses and organizations
•    Micro-blogging (or short updates about someone or business in
     140 characters or less)
•    A way for people to follow / receive information from only those
     they want
•    Fast and concise information about upcoming events, product
     updates, breaking news, etc

Why Include Twitter in Your Marketing Plan?

A business can use twitter to:
•    Develop and promote their brand
•    Interact with their customer base
•    Track what people are saying about their company
•    Create buzz around upcoming events and campaigns
•    Help individual employees act as liaisons to the public
•    Promote other content like webinars or blog posts
•    Generate sales leads for their business
•    And most importantly – DRIVE PEOPLE TO THEIR WEBSITE!

If you haven’t created a Twitter page for your business yet – 200 million people have. Now is the time to get started on a missed opportunity. If you have a Twitter page, keep on Tweetin’!

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