Getting A Head Start On Redesigning Your Logo




A logo is a crucial aspect of any business. A logo acts as a company’s identity, and it provides consumers with a first impression of your brand. Over time, you may decide it’s time to revamp your company’s image, meaning it’s time to redesign your logo.


Redesigning a logo can be difficult because you don’t want to risk hurting your company’s image. With the right direction, this issue can be avoided. Here’s three questions you need to ask when you decide to start brainstorming ideas for a new design:


  • How will customers identify your new logo? Maintain a familiar theme, color and image for your logo. You still want your customers to recognize your business.
  • Does your original logo seem too busy? Evaluate what elements your logo could lose without hurting your brand.
  • How will you get input? Reach out and get as much feedback as possible, especially from your customers. Use their positive and negative feedback to help further develop your new logo. 


Take some time to think about the goals of your new logo, and hire a professional to guide you through the process. If you have any further questions about logo design, give us a call at 518-472-0060.