Google & Alphabet: Keep Calm and Search on!

If you’ve heard the rumblings online about Google changing its name, well, it hasn’t. Google is still Google; however, the main ‘umbrella’name of the company
that owns Google is now Alphabet. Yep, Google is just a company underneath the new umbrella name ‘Alphabet’.


How Does That Impact Websites and Business Owners?

In the short term, it doesn’t have any noticeable impact. No, the change doesn’t mean sweeping changes in the algorithm, nor will PPC ads jump in cost.
Of course, Google makes algorithm changes regularly, and we at Brawn Media will continue to follow those changes and plan accordingly. The creation
of “Alphabet,” though, will not have a visible impact on your website.


So Why Did They Change?

There are a host of reasons, but the most common reasons for putting Google under the umbrella name are:


1.) It’ll be easier for the company to make decisive acquisitions of the companies.

2.) Adding new companies, services, and acquisitions to the company will be easier to do since they don’t have to worry as much about sullying the Google
search brand if something doesn’t pan out as anticipated.


Rest easy and know that the massive change at Google is for financial, brand, and product streamlining and improvement. It’s business as usual, so keep
on moving forward.

Written by Joe Schaefer, Web Strategist & Brand Advocate at Brawn Media. Learn more about him and the rest of our team here! Follow Joe on Twitter.

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