Google’s Penguin Update and What it Means to You


In order to get found in the search engines, your site has to be sending the right signals at the right time and the right way. Over the years of Google’s existence, they’ve changed their algorithm countless times.


What’s an Algorithm?

Think of the Google algorithm as a big mathematical equation that does geeky calculations based on the signals it finds about every website in order to rank them in search results.
Our job as SEOs is to figure out how to get the answer without ever seeing the mathematical equation. That’s SEO. That’s a lot of nerdy stuff you just don’t have to deal with.


What is this Penguin You Speak Of?

Glad you asked. Most major algorithm updates have a name and this particular type of algorithm is called Penguin.

Penguin is not new, but the recent update and roll out of the new Penguin is.

What Does is Mean for Me?

Initial estimates guess that 2.3% of all English search queries will be affected by the update. So, that means you might see a little fluctuation in your rank in the coming weeks or month.

Yeah, But Why?

Penguin is out to devalue sites that might have some spammy activity connected to them. No, not your site. It could be, however, that any sites from a long time ago that link to you (remember: links are important for SEO) and have since become spammy, might get devalued and thus, the value of those links pointing to you might be worth less.

Don’t Worry!

As usual, we’re on top of it. As we see more and more data come in and how the Penguin update might affect your site (if you’re a client), we’ll be proactive and make adjustments and additions where needed to keep you on that upward trajectory to better rank.

If you’re not already a client…what are you waiting for!?

As usual, if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out and ask!

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