How Display Ads Affect the Consumers Journey

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When you ask most clients about their goals the answer is usually more sales, more leads, more customers, etc. PPC and Facebook do a great job at generating leads, but how does display fit into the picture? How does display effect the sales cycle? And how do we prove its effectiveness when we can’t always directly attribute conversions to display campaigns?

In general, clicks and leads should not be the metric you focus on when evaluating a contextual display campaign. Instead, display ads should be used to increase brand awareness and brand recognition while assisting in lead generation. Display ads are your target audiences first impression of your brand. They’re also the first step in building trust and positive brand perceptions.

Consumers exposed to your ads are also more likely to recall your brands name later in the sales journey and search it, leading to a click on a PPC ad. Campaigns that include both search and display get an average of 22% more conversions compared to search only campaigns. 

The consumers journey from brand awareness to making a purchase is a complicated one. Each type of paid digital advertising plays a unique role in the journey and shouldn’t be ignored. That includes display!

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