How Shark Week Can Help You Take a Bite Out of Facebook Marketing



It’s currently Shark Week on the Discovery Channel featuring some of the biggest and baddest creatures on the planet. Shark Week is heavily promoted on social media. With over 814k likes on their Facebook page, there’s a lot to learn from what these beasts can teach us on how to amp up our marketing on Facebook.


Don’t Lose Track of Your Prey

Sharks have a keen sense of smell and hearing to assist them to find their prey. In social media, it’s important to know who you are targeting. Research the key demographics of your business in order to lure that audience to your Facebook page. Who is interacting with your posts? Follow the trends on your Facebook page and adapt to what your audience wants.


It Shouldn’t Be Like Pulling Teeth

Sharks lose a countless number of teeth throughout their lifetime. Unlike humans, sharks have their teeth embedded in their gums, rather than in their jaws. Therefore you shouldn’t stress over your Facebook page. Think of those teeth as lessons learned in your strategy. If one method isn’t working. Rethink your strategy and move forward.


Sleep With One Eye Open

Be prepared for anything to happen. Whether a predator is in range or a new food source – be ready to react. The same goes for your social media strategy. If someone has left negative feedback on your Facebook page – don’t ignore it. Be ready to reply with the appropriate response to resolve the problem.


Be Sharknado without Being Sharknado

If you’ve been around the water cooler lately, you’ve no doubt heard about Sharknado. The cheesiest movie of all time took social media by storm (no pun intended). If you’re unaware of Sharknado, it’s a virally-spreading bad movie about shark-infested tornadoes. The whole Internet is abuzz, and not because it was surprisingly good, but because it was so bad that people can’t help to like to talk about it! So what’s my point? Be Sharknado: get people talking about your brand. Don’t be Sharknado: don’t do and say things on social media that are so bad that your brand spreads like wildfire for all the wrong reasons.


Now that you have prepared yourself for Shark Week, take a second look at your Facebook marketing strategy, and chew on some new ideas to attract your prey. Give us a call today with any questions at 518-472-0060.

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