How to Advertise for the BIG GAME and After


The Big Game is upon us, everyone wants a piece of the advertising pie, but may not be able to afford the slice. A 30-second TV commercial can cost you
a few million dollars, which may not be feasible with your budget. How do we work around that? How is your brand able to extend its audience reach
beyond that 30-second commercial?

With the game causing a lot of noise, find the whitespace which focuses on your customers. Is the game important and does it draw in the most viewers for
the year? Yes. Does that mean you should forget about your brand and customer loyalty? No. Forward thinking marketers are focusing on engagement that
is consistent and long-term. With a content strategy tied to traditional TV ads consistent with their digital message, brands are able to achieve maximum
reach, longevity and impact from their budget. Thinking back to 2016, Doritos showed a commercial of a woman mid ultrasound while her husband eats
a bag of their chips. The baby is shown on the ultrasound machine moving towards the chip in dad’s hand. While the commercial was intended for the
Super Bowl, it is still being played almost a year later.

Having an understanding of your target audience’s related interest helps to ensure audience reach and ad longevity. Experiment with creative content and
social engagement that gets your audience involved. This doesn’t necessarily mean reinventing the wheel. What has worked for your brand previously?
A campaign that garnered a lot of attention previously can be revamped, enhanced, and utilized again.

Get your customers and your target audience to do some work for you. Generally this happens when you put together a contest with some form of giveaway.
People love games and being given the opportunity to be a winner. Doing so will create a lot of buzz and draw attention from your social audience.
Having a strong and steady social presence will in turn lead people to your website and increase the opportunity for more leads and interaction.

So get out there and grab your slice of the pie without over spending or maxing out your budget for the foreseeable future!