How to Effectively Utilize LinkedIn’s New Company Page Design

 By: Taylour Lynn Scanlin,

Communication Specialist at BrawnMedia


According to LinkedIn’s Senior Product Manager, Mike Grishaver, this new development will allow stronger relationships to form with your target audience. But the question really is, “Are you prepared?”


You’ll have greater ability to do all of the following:

•    Drive traffic & leads
•    Grow your reach
•    Increase product awareness

•    Optimize for search


It was announced on September 6, 2012 that LinkedIn had made changes to its Company Page Design. Currently, access is not across the board, but is being rolled out in the near future. So in order to utilize the changes effectively, you’ll need to know what has changed:


1.)    Overview Page –Just the look has changed, so navigating is easier.
2.)    Cover Image –Similar to Facebook’s Cover Image, LinkedIn now offers company pages the ability upload an image. This image will be a direct representation of your business, so customize appropriately.
3.)    Company Updates -There are several new additions to this feature. Now, when posting an update, LinkedIn actually advises you; within the update box, to either “Share an article, ask a question, or post a special offer.” It’s just a small reminder that those three items will have the most impact. The second item enhances updates even further by allowing you to choose your audience when posting. It also depends on the kind of post you do, however, now you have the capability to hone in on your target market.
Many of the new additions feel like an identical copy to Facebook, which for the most part is true.  Another example of this is the availability of “insights,” that are revealed once you post an update. The signature, “clicks, shares, and impressions,” are all there for your viewing pleasure; after 24 hours after your post, of course. (Note: If you’re wondering why there isn’t a link to attach a file, don’t fret! It functions exactly like Facebook; just copy the link into the update box and it will preview your link.)
4.)    Summary – At the very bottom of the overview page, you’ll find your company’s summary has moved to that location. So, the very first image that someone will see when they click on your page will be your cover photo, so make sure it makes a statement.
5.)    Careers Page –To find the new Career Page, look at the right sidebar that says, “Go to Careers Page.” For those of you who do not currently pay a subscription to use the Career Page, you’ll need to maneuver the edit page by hovering over the blue box on the right-side of the page where it says, “Admin Tools”. If you click on “Edit,” your old tabs will appear again. From here, just click “Careers,” and then you can post your available jobs.
6.)    Products Page –This page has also relocated to the right sidebar. Compared to the previous version, many of the features have stayed the same or look similar. The only difference is that on the right sidebar, it now highlights names, job titles, companies, and profile images of LinkedIn users in the visitor’s network who have recommended particular products/services on your page. This way, recommendations are at the forefront and testimonials are more prominent.
7.)    Mobile App – It’s finally here! You can finally search for businesses on your smart phone. There will be more opportunities for you to be searched for via mobile devices.


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