How to Gain Social Media Followers by Utilizing Friend Referrals

When you opened your personal social media account, who did you reach out to? Most likely you connected with your friends and family members to start interacting with other users. This is actually what you should be doing with your business pages too. The best way to start spreading news is through word-of-mouth with people you already know. 


Do not hesitate to share your social media broadcast with friends, family, and colleagues. They can be your ultimate source for making your information viral on the internet. The supporters on your personal pages are going to share your information without hesitation. As a matter of fact, it doesn’t hurt to directly ask your personal followers for some help in order to boost your social media marketing efforts for your business!


Although you should be cautious of what you ask acquaintances to share. Consistent promotional posting can annoy your friends. Therefore you should only ask them to share the most crucial posts related to your business page. This includes contests, news, and other engaging content. Do not spam your friends by asking them to share generic “Good Morning” statuses. Keep your content original, especially if you are looking to gain followers.


Ask your closest followers what they like and dislike about your page. They could have honest input that can prevent you from having an unsuccessful social media marketing campaign. Experiment with different posting tactics and utilize the posts that have a greater engagement rate. Have fun with it, and users will be sure to ‘Like’ it!

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