How to Make Your Email Signature Better at Marketing


First up, if you don’t have an email signature that accompanies your business emails get one— it’s marketing just waiting to happen. And if you do, have an email signature, here are 4 things you can do right now to make it work more to your advantage:

  1. Don’t make your messages all about YOU (ie. “Read our blog,” “By our widgets). This sounds needy and like a barking dog (and people run from barking dogs).
  2. Do include something that has actual value to the customer (i.e. “Visit our site to download a 10% off coupon”).
  3. Make sure you include a phone number (you have no idea how many people forget this part).
  4. Your customers say nice things about you! Include 1-2 testimonials.

Not sure where to start? Email signature software can be a way to create a unique and eye catching signature for your company. You can create different signatures within your company for the different teams or departments quickly and easily allowing you to better display what you do and how your company can help! Exclaimer is one of the many email signature software out there today that accommodates to Microsoft Exchange and Office and allows you to try out their signature manager for free. Emailsignature and Xink are other software which allow you a free trial as well.

Updating your personal signature can provide you with some serious marketing exposure. Updating your signature to reflect different campaigns, offers and how to reach you for more information spreads awareness with every email you send. Not only does it help get your name out there but who doesn’t want the opportunity to sound smarter and look professional?