If You’re Website Isn’t Mobile-Friendly, Your Rank & Traffic May Suffer



If we took all our SEO clients and queried Google Analytics for all mobile traffic, combined they all saw a 330% increase in mobile visits.

Now Google has been saying for a while now that mobile-friendly sites are a must, but now it’s becoming more official when it comes to actual rank.

About a week ago, Google started sending out messages to website owners letting them know that their sites aren’t as mobile-friendly as they should be and their rank on mobile searches may suffer.

We’ve made two points here:

1. People are using mobile devices for Internet access more than ever.

2. Google is coming straight out and saying good mobile experiences will keep websites in the good graces of search results.

It seems the best approach is to design and develop your website using a ‘responsive’ platform. Responsive sites are developed in such a way that they scale and change based on the size of the screen they are being viewed on. The majority of users do not want to ‘pinch’ a screen to enlarge it, to enter information, or to click links. This, therefore, means that a responsive version of your website is necessary for better rank and to help keep a good position in the SERPS (search engine results pages).

We here at BrawnMedia have been two-steps ahead of the game by designing and developing all new website in a responsive nature. We know, however, that any of the older sites we developed are not responsive. With that said it’s imperative to your online presence that your site becomes responsive and maintain and/or improve your rank when it comes to mobile searches.

If your Internet traffic matters to you, do give us a call and set up a time to discuss and collaborate with us in order to relaunch your site in a responsive nature. 518-472-0060.

Need some examples of responsive websites? Check these (once the site has loaded, go ahead and use your mouse to resize the website in order to watch it automatically conform to the size of the window):