iPhone vs. Android – Stop the Madness!


Your iPhone sucks!


Seriously, people! There are inherent pros and cons with every product in a head-to-head experience. Does that really mean the other option(s) “sucks?”
Well, I guess sometimes. But you know what I mean. For the longest time, I wished they (whoever “they” are) would choose Mac or PC and whichever lost
the battle would all just be destroyed. But they both have their inherent good qualities and flaws.

Lines in the Sand?

 I myself decided to be an “Apply Guy.” I really like how my iPhone, iCloud, iPad, iTunes, iChickenParm (ok – I made that one up
– it’s getting close to lunch time), and MacBook Pro all integrate. But does that mean I think my best friends Samsung S6 is any less of a device?
Not really. I’m more concerned about his affinity for Boston-based sports teams than his choice of smartphones.

My guess is anyone new to the world of smartphones (which will mainly include people like my parents and grandparents who are still rockin’ sweet flip
phones) will upgrade based on their friends and families berating… I mean logically educating them on which to go with. We were concerned my step-monster…
(oops, step-mother!) would be completely averse to the iPhone and iPad we got her and now she can’t live without them. Sometimes it’s a perceived barrier
that keeps one from purchasing one model over another. And, you can’t believe everything you see, hear, and read.

As a Marketer

 From a marketer’s perspective, there are some inherent issues with both sides of the fence. Getting an app approved and loaded to
the iTunes store can be a cumbersome experience. But so can getting into the new Sonic when it moves into town. Small price to pay for all of us iPhone

And some of my friends who preach the gospel of Androids also complain about Wifi and Bluetooth connections dropping. Boohoo.

So which is better!? I think the billionaires on both sides of the fence are doing just fine. Will one ever “win” the battle? Probably not. So do your
research. Find what you like and stop bullying the kids with the “other” kind. We’re geeks, too!

As a marketer, I have to understand that there will always be “equipment” choices, but it’s important for us to appeal to both sets of audiences, even
though the bells and whistles may vary.

Determine what is most important for you and go with the phone manufacturer that best suits your needs:

  • Is it the camera and image quality?
  • Do you need a rear-facing and front-facing camera?
  • Are you deeply engrained in using Google Apps or random Apple apps from the iTunes store?
  • How much storage do you need?
  • How much speed do you need?
  • Is audio quality important?
  • Is screen size important?
  • Do you have desktop apps that sync better with one manufacturer over another?


There are a ton of questions to ask, but it comes down to what you need. Then, if you have to, throw the things you WANT into your decision process.

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Written by Mike Gray, Account Executive at Brawn Media. Learn more about him and the rest of our team here!