Is Your Business Effectively Using #Hashtags?

Hashtags have taken social media by storm. According to Forbes, 58% of Internet users are utilizing hashtags on a regular basis. If you’re already lost, have no fear! We can give you all the tools and know-how to become a hashtag pro – you’ll also know why you’re using it and how it can be of value to you!

What is It?

A hashtag is when you use the ‘#’ with other words and numbers in your social media posts. By doing so, your social platform will connect and categorize all conversations and status updates (from all users) with the same #hashtag into a single group. This allows users around the world to search by hashtag and see all updates and conversations about that one single tag/topic.

Why Else?

Why do we use this weird “language” on social media? For the inexperienced, most of the language surrounding social media is weird. But as a business owner, it pays to take the time to learn it. Plus, it isn’t all that hard. By using a hashtag, you communicate with other users for conversational purposes. Using a hashtag correctly gives your post a topic, which invites those interested in your topic to interact with your post.


Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ have used hashtags in their platforms since they launched. Facebook even jumped on the hashtag train last week. Hashtags can boost your marketing efforts, as long as you are using them correctly.

Here’s some tips to keep in mind before sending out your next social media post:


Creating your own hashtag can help separate your business from other businesses. Do you have an event coming up? Start a hashtag to promote your event. Be consistent with the hashtag and use it in posts relating to your event. It encourages users to join in the conversation, especially if users have questions before the event or if they are documenting the event in real-time.


Using complicated hashtags will not attract attention to your posts. Remember, many users search with hashtags to find conversations to interact with or even research. If you are posting about a recent blog, add a hashtag on the subject pertaining to the blog post.


For instance, HVAC companies can use the hashtag #EnergyStar when referring to their Energy Star products. Using a hashtag like #BuyEnergyStarProductsFromUs will not attract any attention to your blog.

#Don’t #overuse #hashtags #in #social #media

Hashtags are encouraged to be used in your posts, but it’s important to watch how many hashtags you add to each post. Keep it to one or two hashtags, otherwise you come across as a “spammy” account. Even personal accounts that overuse hashtags get repetitive and tend to annoy other users.


Looking to write fresh content for your blog, but can’t think of any ideas? Searching through hashtags can help you brainstorm ideas for a blog. It can save you from wasting time by staring at your blank Word document, and instead help you get inspired to write your next article. What are people talking about in these posts? Are there frequently asked questions being posted? These are questions you should be asking yourself as your search through the hashtags.


Have questions on the hashtags or anything pertaining to social media? We’re happy to help! Tweet us or call us today!

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