Is Your Website User-Friendly?


Let’s face it, having a website is a must. But having any old website doesn’t cut it anymore. Whether it is worrying if you have a responsive design or have fast page loading times, a website is a representation of your brand and everything you have worked so hard for. Currently, we are living in the age of the “lazy consumer.” According to Steve Krug’s book, Don’t Make Me Think, it is imperative we make it effortless for users to navigate your website. If we do not put the most relevant information in front of them at the right time, they will simply leave or become distracted (Facebook). This is why having a website that is user-friendly is key!

Having a user-friendly site relates directly to the experience that one has once they land on your site. Do all the buttons work? Are there proper avenues
in which someone can navigate? Another comparable way to look at your website is having it replicate your store front (if applicable). If a customer
walked in your front door and had a question about your current product or inventory is there a way to answer their question through your website?
This is crucial in having a website that represents your brand properly.

Besides having a responsive design, it is incredibly important to realize which content is present above the fold of your website. The fold of your website
is defined as: The portion of the web page that is visible without scrolling. Having your most valuable content above the fold is crucial as individuals
are significantly less likely to scroll below the fold.

All in all, having a website that is functional and represents your brand is going to set you up for additional success moving forward. Does your website
represent who you are and what product/services you provide? There is no such thing as over-analyzing your website. Always test links, page speed and
try to think like a consumer visiting your site for the first time.

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Written by Miles Kerbein, Account Executive at Brawn Media. Learn more about him and the rest of our team, here!