Jack of all Trades, Master of ????


So you own or manage a business and it feels like you’re responsible for everything. Hopefully you’re surrounded by some good people or have some resources to help you in the areas where you may need some professional advice, i.e. taxes, legal, financial. But what about your company’s advertising?

Business Owners Aren’t Typically Marketing/Advertising Professionals


For years local media companies have sent sales reps out to meet with local business owners and sell their “marketing initiatives” in the hopes of providing results to the client. More importantly, to the media reps, they’re building their client list and a book of recurring business. While many of these reps are good and have the clients best interest at heart, there is a significant two-fold problem. The 1st problem is that the offering portfolio is limited to the products and services offered by the specific media rep / company. The 2nd, and possible larger issue, is that the business owner or manager is usually not a marketing / advertising professional. However, they have fallen into the role of executing marketing plans and buying various media due to the great sounding solicitations.

What it Takes to Develop a Real Campaign


Developing and executing any type of advertising campaign is a “thoughtful” process that takes planning, attention to detail, and an understanding of what your goals are. Marketing professionals develop plans focused on the most cost-effective way to achieve those goals. Business owners and managers obviously want to achieve the same thing, but their plates are already full. A full-service professional advertising firm can be as much value to your advertising and marketing, as your lawyer can be to you legal disputes, your mechanic to your car troubles and your accountant to your financials.

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