Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake’s Take On #Hashtag Abuse


Jimmy Fallon is the king of late-night comedy. If you ever need a pick-me-up during the day, watch one of the trending videos from the Late Night With Jimmy Fallon show. It’s funny what you can actually learn from his witty sense of humor.

Fallon’s most recent video nails the concept of hashtags right on the head. Justin Timberlake guest-stars in the video. They poke fun at how people abuse the privileges of hashtags. There is no official rule book for the use of hashtags. Although if you’re looking to annoy your audience, use a million hashtags in your post. Obviously this is not what your business wants!

Even if you are new to social media, you can look like a pro. So instead of finding yourself as the butt of one of Jimmy’s jokes, take note of these tips for hashtags:


  • Limit the use of hashtags from 1-3 per post. #Hashtag
  • Think of them as keywords that summarize your post. #HashtagEtiquette
  • Do not use an unrelated hashtags just because it’s trending #Cats
  • Limit the number words in a single hashtag to 3 words #EasierToRead
  • Capitalize new words in a single hashtags to avoid confusion #DoThis #notthat
  • You can use numbers in hashtags #Hashtag101
  • But you can’t use punctuation #Don’tDoThis
  • Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter use hashtags.
  • LinkedIn no longer uses hashtags


So, go ahead – use hashtags – but utilize these tips to keep your social media marketing up to par. Email us with any questions!  

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