Leveraging Local Service Ads


google local service ads

Solving the Problems of Traditional Google Paid Ads

Say you’re a locksmith, plumber, garage door technician, electrician, or HVAC serviceman, for instance.

Even if you’ve committed to a comprehensive local SEO strategy, you may still be missing opportunities to connect with local customers. More specifically, the text-only ads already available to you don’t garner click-throughs with enough frequency.

In fact, it’s scientifically proven that combining a visual with text is far more engaging and valuable as a marketing tool than words on their own.

Google’s Local Service Ad feature solves this problem for local, service-based vendors.

When someone enters their desired local service into the search field, the relevant companies will appear.  They’re placed right on top of the traditional paid search ads. Moreover, the Local Service Ads make your business number, hours, ratings, and reviews immediately visible, adding the pivotal visual component to your ad.

It’s worth noting that these Local Service Ad features are available across desktop, tablet, and mobile search displays.

Leveraging Google’s Voice Assistant

Another perk of the Local Service Ads is that Google Assistant will feature them in relevant voice search queries. According to Google CEO Sundar Pichai, 20% of all Google searches result from this voice feature.

Local Service Ads provide the perfect tool to make your services readily accessible to the 400 million devices powered by Google Assistant.

Matching You with Ideal Customers

Once a potential customer clicks on your local listing, Google will ask them to confirm their service area and the job they need to be done.

Therefore, leads will only be matched with relevant businesses. Potential customers can assess your qualifications, reviews, and ratings, giving them the necessary information before hiring you.

Alternatively, you might not be a good fit for a given lead. There’s also a chance you don’t operate in their region. In either instance, Google matches them with someone else instead of wasting time and money.

Displaying Your Excellence

While Google may have done away with its review extensions on search ads, you can still emphasize your most rave reviews by using Local Service Ads.

Here’s a pro-tip: it’s wise to not only have 5-star reviews on display since people respond better to companies with ratings between 4.2 and 4.5 stars.

Streamlining the Advertising Process

Customer searches for one of the thousands of relevant search terms will automatically trigger Google Local Service Ads to land on your business.

Someone can make a Google query for something vaguer, such as “electrician,” or they can be more specific (e.g., “full house rewiring,”). Either way, the algorithm automatically generates the ad format based on your business profile information.

There’s a crucial advantage here, in that you don’t have to waste hours upon hours performing in-depth keyword research and ad testing.

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