Marketing Trends to Watch For in 2015

We’re a few months into 2015, and by now you’ve probably noticed a few new marketing trends. Whether it’s digital or tradition, brand management is certainly changing. So what are a few trends that you should be looking out for in 2015?

One thing you can look for is that the marketing world is shifting more towards personalization rather than a global presence. Companies are looking to speak directly to the customer, instead of to an entire audience. You can thank social media for that. With companies like Google and Facebook able to target you based on searches and website visits it makes it easier for companies to reach out directly to you.

You might have noticed during the Super Bowl this year that the ads were on a more personal level. Rather than trying to get a laugh out of you, they were attempting to connect with you emotionally. Whether or not this worked out well for some of the companies remains to be seen.

Another thing you can look to is to see people with technology backgrounds to be more integrated into the digital marketing world. In the past they’ve helped to develop ideas, but you’re going to see them stepping up in leadership roles now.

As far as the online marketing game goes, content is king. Not just any old content, but content that consumers will want to engage in. That goes for website content as well as the content you’re going to see on social media. We’re living in a world where people want to know facts and information, and why not get it from you? Content development is probably the most important online marketing tool you can use.

When you think of social media, don’t limit yourself to Facebook and twitter. More and more companies are using YouTube to put out videos. Those could be educational videos or possibly just for entertainment. If you’re not currently doing videos, don’t worry you’re not alone. However it’s something to consider doing.

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