Messenger destination ads are here!


As online advertising continues to grow, there are constantly new innovations and features that capture our attention and interest.

Facebook recently announced and launched their Messenger App as destination for news feed ads. The first approach to using this feature is simply to greet
the customer with a message and respond to any follow-up questions. The second approach gives us a first glance of what Artificial Intelligence (AI)
will look like in marketing.

Facebook has over the last year introduced bots to Messenger. Bots are computer software programs that use machine learning to deliver automated responses
when prompted. These can be used to engage with followers by delivering news and customer service in a highly efficient manner. When used as destination
for ads, the power of bots is truly revealed, as they can help guide customers further down the funnel by customizing the content that’s delivered
to them. Building a bot is a commitment, and most companies may not be there yet. The bottom line here is that there are endless possibilities with
Messenger as a platform.

Let’s take a look at how to set up a Messenger destination ad.

Creating the campaign

In Power Editor, create a new campaign with the objective set to send people to a destination (previously called Clicks to website).

Creating the ad Set

In your ad set, you can use the same settings you normally do. The exception here is the placement option. Messenger as destination only works for ads
that are placed in the news feed. Therefore, make sure you select Edit Placements and deselect Instagram, Audience Network and Right column as options.


Creating the ad

Currently, the only compatible formats for Messenger ads are single image, single video or slideshow. In order to have Messenger appear as an option for
your ad’s destination, one of these must be selected.

In the message text, enter a message to greet your customer with in Messenger. The message should reflect your offer and the action you want the customer
to make, so there is a lot of room for creativity here. For example, you can attach a website URL and encourage the customer to visit you online. The
idea with the text is just to open up a dialogue in the event the user has any questions about the promotion.

All in all, Messenger bots can create personalized engagement to your customers in a unique way. Contact the specialists at Brawn Media to get ahead of your competitors and provide unique opportunities
to your customers that will be sure to set you apart!