Millennials Prefer Texting: Use this Avenue to Increase Conversions


If you’re trying to market your business in 2016, you can’t deny the spending power of Millennials. Saddle up, and get comfortable with texting. Millennials
(ages 18-35 by 2015) love texting so much that the majority would give up talking on their mobile phones and would prefer texting if presented with
that scenario.

If you’ve ever gotten an email from or voicemail with a callback number, called the potential customer back and then heard nothing, you might want to consider
offering text-responses as a contact option — this is surely to increase call backs.

And in case you need a little more of a nudge in the right direction, we’ve laid out the research in this super simple infographic. If you’d like to embed
it on your website or blog, all we ask is that you link back to us here, to this page! Thanks and let us know if you have any questions!