Mobile Madness


Mobile phones have become a crucial mechanism in our lives. We take them everywhere with us. We can listen to our favorite music, shop for the latest trends, and even watch sporting events. But did you that mobile use can instantly change impressions towards a brand, a business and even an athlete? The content we see in our mobile phones is instantaneous, no more waiting to get home to check out computers.


We’re currently deep into basketball season and NCAA March Madness has finally arrived. To some people, sports-related content is the most valuable feature of their phone. This means the mobile madness surrounding basketball is only just beginning. Last year Millennial Media reported, “88 percent [of sports fans] used their mobile devices for March Madness-related activity.” Mobile use is growing, and its influence on sports will only continue to skyrocket. Here are some examples of what we refer to as “Mobile Madness”:


Increase Your Stats


A few years ago, when you went to a game, you would have your cell phone for texting and your digital camera to take photos. Today, all you have to do is snap a photo or video from your phone and send it directly to your social media accounts. In a matter of seconds, your post is getting viewed by all of your friends and followers.


Lebron James of the Miami Heat, has recently taken advantage of this to fix his damaged reputation. PRDaily reported on how Lebron revitalized his image after the media had dubbed him as a villain of the NBA after joining the Miami Heat. He found a way to control our perception of him knowing his actions in the public eye could go viral.


As a matter of fact, Lebron has gone viral on a few occasions recently. He playfully tackled a Miami Heat fan after the fan won $75,000 shooting a basket from half-court. The event was captured on video and has been viewed over 13 million times. Most recently, the Miami Heat did a video of the Harlem Shake. Lebron let viewers see he has a fun personality, and the video has since been viewed over 38 million times.


Sometimes You Get Hit Below-the-Belt


Blake Griffin, a member of the Los Angeles Clippers, was punched in the groin by an opposing player, Serge Ibaka, of the Oklahoma City Thunder. The event was caught on a camera and quickly began trending on the internet. Attendees at the game immediately had their phones out and were tweeting and live blogging about the situation.


While Ibaka was later fined $25,000, Griffin sought humor in the situation. He tweeted “Kid Blake: Who are you? Future Blake: you from the future…Don’t listen to anything else I’ve told you just start wearing a cup.”


Blake Griffin Twitter Account


Blake could have taken a “low-blow” shot back at Ibaka through social media, but instead of creating drama he made a joke about wearing a protective cup. Whether he was actually infuriated by the event, he protected his image by taking the high road. No matter who you are: use protection and you will defend “your goods” from any unfortunate events.


As a business owner or marketer, these events remind us of a few things that we need to be ready for the Mobile Madness by having our company website mobile-friendly, controlling our company’s social landscape and monitoring our online brand. Even when the office is closed, your digital presence is influencing current and potential clients. Now are you ready for March Mobile Madness?

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