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Nielsen Expands Nielsen One Alpha by Adding End-to-End Measurement


Nielsen has been the leader in audience measurement for decades, and they recently announced their newest iteration — Nielsen One Alpha.

Today’s media is in the palm of our hands and adults spend over half of their day consuming it. We have so many more emerging platforms to measure audience behavior; but with no standardized, deduplicated, and measured performance system across platforms, it’s difficult to know if you’re spending your advertising budget wisely.

But now Nielson has changed everything with their new platform, Nielsen One, which provides the best cross-platform measurement that captures viewing regardless of how it’s consumed. It was designed to provide reach and frequency metrics across linear programming, streaming, connected TV, and digital channels. Now, you can buy and sell media with just one single trusted currency.

Accomplished by the unification of Disney, MAGNA, and other agencies, advertisers, and publishers — their method combines big media and granular insights to provide accurate measurements that reflect an audience in one simple cloud-based platform; allowing you to reach your precise demographics across all channels.

There is no cross-platform measurement system like Nielsen One. For the first time, media buyers and sellers will now have the most comprehensive view of their ads across linear and digital platforms to provide comprehensive metrics.

Nielsen One is expected to be released in December 2022.

You can learn more about Nielsen One here.


About Nielsen

Nielsen is a global leader in audience measurement, data and analytics, shaping the future of media. Measuring behavior across all channels and platforms to discover what audiences love, we empower our clients with trusted intelligence that fuels action.