Online Business Listings


When it comes to your business, constantly ensuring that your online information is up to date is very important. One way to do this efficiently is to
use a listing management program. At Brawn Media, we offer our clients access to our comprehensive reputation management program called BrawnGuard.
BrawnGuard’s listing distribution and management services help improve the visibility of your business in local online searches.

What is a Business Listing?

A business listing is essentially anything that lists or mentions information about your business, including name, address, and phone number. The information
for these listings is automatically sent to listing sites by data providers, such as Factual, Infogroup, and Acxiom. 

Online business listings are separated into two main categories: 

  1. Major Search Sites: Includes major search engines such as Google and Yahoo, as well as review sites and directories.
  2. Citations: Includes smaller sites that may not have an entire listing but still contain a partial listing, such as a mention
    of your business name.

Why should you use an Online Listing Management Program?

Using a listing management program such as BrawnGuard to maintain your online business listings can have several benefits:  

  • It can increase the accuracy of your online listings. There is nothing more frustrating for a customer searching for your business online
    only to find 4 different listings with four different sets of contact information – or a customer not being able to find your business because
    your address is not correct in an online directory site.
  • Your rank on Google can improve. Using a listing management program such as BrawnGuard can positively affect SEO. The more accurate and consistent
    a business’s listings on sites like, Yelp, Dexknows, Judy’s Book and others, the higher on Google it will place.
  • Ongoing assurance your listings stay accurate. Monthly reports show the progress of your visibility and search engine/directory site accuracy.

It’s important to be diligent and continuously monitor your businesses online listings. Even if a progress report shows 100% accuracy online, when a company
cancels its use of a management program, their listing accuracy comes to a halt, and the business will see very little or no further improvements.

All in all, it is important to make sure the online information about your company or brand is correct. Whether you use a service from a data provider,
use a management program such as BrawnGuard, or try to stay on top of it yourself, it is imperative to keep your listings in check, up-to-date, and


Written by Brittany Caselnova, Social Media Specialist at Brawn Media. Learn more about her and the rest of our team here! Connect with her on LinkedIn.